2019 year review


I wrote no newsletter last year as what was happening was hard to bear, impossible to share

It’s taken another year’s reflection to process and begin to understand: I was short of the words, disorders, understanding and of the knowledge…………

Home is now me, one old cat, one new pup

Alan left a year […]

Recovery from what?

love flourishes in the harshest spaces

I wrote this piece to share my experience of recovery from a serious stroke and to encourage others not to give up! Looking wider for ideas to heal when your brain is mush may be tricky but its worth it, the rewards are huge, physically, emotionally and […]

Malaga, in search of winter sun 2

view of old town Granada

The Alhambra from the old moorish walls of the Albaicin

Malaga’s bus station is the size of Buchanan Street’s in Glasgow and as busy. Their cakes are bus station quality: look nicer than than they taste. The café con lêche however was welcome and my bus departed on time. People seemed to just […]

Malaga: in search of winter sun 1

orange tree and church

Ice gathers as we head north

I am gazing out of a Boeing 737 window, punctuated with ice crystals, gazing over the clouds which the sun is highlighting, aware from the sun’s angle that setting point will soon be reached. Yes we are literally flying into the sunset. I feel such a sense […]

Sunrise salutations

The unexpected delights of the moment

At this time of peak darkness as we move towards the Winter solstice, I came cross this poem I had written about dark times and moving to working with the light. Some years ago, as part of attuning myself to the natural world I did daily sun […]

rhythm, rhyme and reason

I love to write. It drives me mad at times: my dyslexia gets in the way and the letters muddle furiously, words interchange and confuse me. Yesterday I was through Glasgow Central station and read ‘Changing toilets, inaccessible places’

No, it wasn’t mean to be read like that, my brain was running away with words […]

Hope is working – towards wellness

Can you spot the non-petals?

In Weston, our little home hideaway, we have a strong interest in mental wellness and sharing skills to allow others to become more themselves if they will allow it.

Alan was teaching his WRAP courses (wellness recovery action plan) and asked me to write a response in […]

In full bloom

In full bloom


My year begins again in Bluebell wood

the foreground, thickly pollen-fogged

fills topaz hued and emerald bright while

humming bees sing canopies above, lifting

improbably fat queen torsos to sycamore’s sweetness

while thrush and blackbird lilt and warblers babble news

The first midges of summer dip

down to […]

Burn’s night singing

Tonight its Burns supper night (again)-that time of year here in Ayrshire, birthplace of the Bard. A vegan one this time, so looking forward to the food. Actually, I was just at the Alloway Burns Club supper in the same venue so I know the food will be good. How will the Toast to the […]