1981 B.Sc. Honours in Botany (Dunelm).

1989 Registered as a qualified Veterinary Nurse with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

1993 Completed Foundations in Homeopathy course at Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital.

1995 Cattery became (and still is) listed (approved) by the Feline Advisory Bureau. now

2005 Qualified to be Member of the International Network of Esoteric Healers.

2005 Became accredited storyteller with Scottish Storytelling Forum

2006-8 Archetypal Healing practitioner via training with Gaila Mackenzie (AESE Madrid)

2009 Graduated from Art of Storytelling course at Emerson College, West Sussex

2010-12 Forest School practitioner training, became level 3 Leader, OCN