Sunrise salutations

red tulips in snow

The unexpected delights of the moment

At this time of peak darkness as we move towards the Winter solstice, I came cross this poem I had written about dark times and moving to working with the light. Some years ago, as part of attuning myself to the natural world I did daily sun meditations, greeting the sunrise for 6 months. That’s not too hard in winter, apart from the cold feet- yes it must be done bare footed on the earth, and its an extremely early rise in summer. Still, waking before the birds and hearing the dawn chorus changing is, once one gets over the shock-I am not a natural morning body- a wonderful experience. Now, as a result of the alignment with the sun, I can awaken at any point, and often I record dawn choruses.Why not do this for a full year? It seemed sufficient and as it was intuitively inspired, I simply went with that.

 Sunrise Salutation I

Attuned to sunsets, I celebrated a feathered evensong, and falling rays stretching

horizons to kiss each hill with a lick of tangerine to startled

silhouettes so stark, more real than friendship

and the day did not exist before the Sun was full.

A student land of dully lit experience, of bridges crossed

at Midnight, boats splashing into creeks by candlelight.


Dawn sealed the magic stretch of safe-time

when slanderers and rapists were tucked up in their beds

and only fallen misfits, safer than the sun, haunted the monochrome.


But Guidance gave command

to face the sunrise

a daily meditation, salutation

inspiration; a grumbling shuffle

from cosy nest to

meet the rousing birds.


Sunrise Salutation 2

Digging toes in

to the frosted grass

I ground



for day to turn


Light lifting heart

arms rise

in ritual greeting


Dawn after dawn

dawn into day

dark into light


till my alarm is



by the pulling

of the Light.


Rosie Mapplebeck