Links and Thanks

For more information about storytelling:

for uses of story; news and lists of Scottish tellers:

For help with financing storytelling ventures and delivery, also promoting stories in learning go to:

National storytelling network in the USA:

English and Welsh story site:

Useful story resources:

For poetry resources:

Member of International Storytelling Network

Re: animals and health:

Specialcats – My own cattery website.
The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Holds the guidelines for legality of animal treatment.

The following is a list of some of the many who have helped me and I can recommend most sincerely, also of friends who deserve a big kiss! :

Andrea Alexander:
Esoteric healer, teacher of shubashi, taichi and meditation. And for understanding that pink and green make Rose, with Love.
Colin McAllister and John Wheeler:
For encouraging a young storyteller.
Connie Lobban:
Medicine wheel work, drums, lodges, massage and for sharing medicine times and holding the dream.
David Campbell:
Who showed me the beauty of traditional and Celtic stories.
David Cook:
Osteopath, and for showing me how to use the higher self in a natural way.
Gayla Mackenzie:
Archetypal healer, helped me along the way, answered timely questions.
 Dave Crawford and team
 Vet at Hollow Park, always there when we need
Geoff Forrest:
Willow worker- rustic furniture, structures, support! and permaculture 01292 550935.
 Jaime Clarke
 for being a special daughter
Heather McDonald:
Who showed me how to progress with energy work safely.
 Donnie O’Rourke
 Poet and writing mentor
Barbara Sellars:
5 Rhythms dance teacher, remedial arts leader and inspiration.
Isabella Dovaston:
Music teacher, for helping me to pour out my voice into the Song of life.
Leslie-Ann Downie:
Cranial-sacral therapy, massage, baby work, art and sculpture.
Morag McDonald-Worsley:
Shaman and healer, who started me along the medicine path.
Patricia Wall:
Unwinding, therapeutic massage, Indian head massage and friend.
Ratnadevi, Larry and the other Friends of the Triratna Buddhist Community:
For retreats and love and meditation. ( and
Sheila Stewart  for fighting her own corner bold as a lion
Sarah Bonner-Morgan:
Alexander technique teacher who shared the thread into the unknown as fellow woman warrior.
Senga Munro:
For mentoring me in the telling of Truth and for fighting my corner.
Stanley Robertson:
Master supernatural storyteller, father figure from the Scottish traveller tradition: passed on but still very present.
 Alan Clarke
 For never letting go, thank you.
Roderick Hoffman:
For long-term artistic and personal support