Tasty Valentine’s hearts and roses

Thats another Valentine’s day past and now my life will be worth living again because She received her red rose, now plonked proudly on the kitchen table for us all to get prickles from. Honestly, as if you could eat roses? Oh, humans use them to flavour food? Well they just would. Now if he had brought her a platter of prawns or a side of salmon I could understand the celebration. animals 014She says its a miracle in itself since Dad is autistic and doesn’t really get the romance thing at all. I think it helped that his granddaughter was here to ensure something happened. It was because she was staying that the hearts and flowers came out from Mum too, only hers were of the edible variety so I thought I would share her recipe, seeing as I don’t miss much from my viewpoint on the Dragon’s hearth. I think she was also celebrating having the first saffron-yolked eggs of the year laid by our cackling crew of hens.

Valentine’s yoghurt cakes – to make 10 individual cakes

4 oz margarine or soft butter (3 1/2 oz for the cake, 1/2 for your cat), 4oz vanilla-scented sugar, 6 oz gluten free self raising flour, 2 free-range and from happy hen eggs, 2 Tbsp thick greek yoghurt, soy milk, 2 Tbsp fresh pomegranate seeds, 2 Tbsp sultanas, 1 Tbsp strawberry jelly sweets (Mum used ones made from real fruit juice). Optional: 2 dsspn cocoa powder to make some cakes darker and chocolatey.

Beat marg. sugar and yoghurt together till pale, add eggs with a little flour so they don’t curdle the mix. Whisk till mix is light and fluffy. Add soy milk till mix falls from spoon in dropping consistency. Thats dropping not dripping! Add fruits and sweets. To make some contrasting colour and flavour, add cocoa powder to up to half the mix. Place mixture in greased silicone moulds and bake in a moderate oven for about 30 mins till browned and puffed up.

Tip: after Valentine’s day, shops are full of things like heart-shaped moulds for very little cost. Mum has heart ones and rose-shaped ones as well as butterflies and other shapes for fun.

heart shape cakes

when your loved one brings a red rose, reciprocate with a heart-shaped cake