On the first day, when the world was new, the stars glittered and smiled.

The maker looked and said ‘the stars are beautiful

but the world needs more light’.


So he sent his winged star messenger down to Earth.


He winged star-beast roared a mighty, thunderous roar of brightness

And he breathed his hot breath into the sky.


The stars began to dim and the Sun began to shine

And all the earth was in beauty and light.


The messenger said: ‘remember: this is how my new home should be. If a

time should come, when that should no longer be, I will return and I will

take away your sun.’


And he padded softly away on his great white paws.


God brought the animals into the forest and breathed upon them to give them


He filled the lakes and rivers with fish and watched them

dance and shimmer in the sunshine.


And all was good.


He brought in Mankind and he said:

‘Your duty is to care for all my creations and for doing this task I give you

dominion over them all.

Do not fail in your duty or I shall take away your sun.’


And he breathed upon Man, so he could also live.


Man loved the birds and the trees and the fish and the animals.

He hunted and he fished, sufficient for his needs.

He lived upon the land and took trees, grasses and earth to make his home.

And life was good.


But Man grew greedy and forgot to care for his animals.

He dug up the mountains and he burrowed for gold.

The spoils sickened the rivers, the lakes and the oceans.

The animals grew fewer and were herded into pens.


One day, white lions the colour of brightest sunlight appeared on the plains.

God thought man would recognise his messengers

and heed the warning they carried,


But ancient wisdom had been suppressed.


The lions were herded into cages and kept for entertainment.

None remained to wander in the wild lands.

So God sent another messenger in a way that would be seen.


On the first Christmas day of the new century, in a place called Bethlehem, a

white lioness was born. Her name is Marah.

With her walk three white cubs


She stands protected by those who have heard the old wisdom.


Let the message ring out:

‘We are the messengers of God. It is time

to ensure the Earth is wrapped in beauty and light;

and you care for God’s creatures and all creation.

For otherwise……’.


Listen to the lion.


She has come.