Animal Behavioural Work

A lifetime of studying animals, people, plants, birds and insects and an ability to be still and listen help me open out behavioural problems so that the issues can be explored with greater understanding.  Combining this knowledge with gentle therapies can be far-reaching and effective.
The true stories illustrated below are of therapeutic work with animal clients. Click on the images to see the full text of each true story:

< Cleo:
“I am so glad that I agreed to this alternative therapy which has really turned my listless, pathetic, Cleo into a more lively purposeful cat”.
Nudge: >
The recovery of a 12 year old Chocolate Point Siamese that the Vet had given up hope for.
< Arnie:
“He looked like a new cat. His fur was glossy, eyes were bright and he looked happy.”
Hobi: >
“Overall she is a much calmer cat and most of her strange behaviour has settled down.”
Click here to view the details of the letter about Hobi
< Meg – a Labrador dog who spent much time hiding or on Diazepam:
“She is a lot more comfortable with life in general and does not try to hide in a corner when people visit”.
Other Cats: >
Gizmo, Mitzi, Toots, Freddy, Yoda, Riley and Murphy Convery.