Subtle energy work


What do I use?

Crystal Healing

Crystals are beautiful tools for fine-tuning healing energy vibrations.  They can be gentle comforters and earthy friends – they use the opposite end of the energy spectrum to essential oils and help us ground our energies and integrate into this planet.  Crystals are placed about the body to balance energy centres and encourage energy flow.

Flower Remedies

These act on the emotional plane to soothe and support.  They are useful first treatments as they can be administered externally.  They are blended for the individual and usually placed in spring water and sipped but they may be placed on pulse points or ears.  They are effective when used for animals but in the UK must be prescribed by a Veterinary Surgeon.


Powerful and intense plant essences can be blended to the situation and the patient.  Essential oils are extremely powerful and should be treated with great respect.  They carry very high-energy vibrations and reach far inside us as well as acting on the physical body.  Oils may be diffused or diluted and used on or near the person.  They are effective for animals but in the UK must be prescribed by a Veterinary Surgeon.


Homeopathic remedies carry energy patterns that can jigsaw into a distorted or dis-eased person’s pattern to create a normal even flow and allow the body to rebalance itself.  Remedies are advised to support and soothe.  Homeopathic remedies are usually based on a substance that could cause the actual symptoms as presented.  They are diluted many, many times to a safe and often even unmeasurable presence.  They are sprayed onto lactose sugar pills or pillules that can be dissolved in the mouth.  In the UK animals may only be treated by a qualified Veterinary Surgeon.
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Esoteric Healing and Archetypal Healing

These focus intent to help the patient heal themselves. The therapist facilitates the balance of many of the energy fields and patterns around and about the client to ‘the true will of the soul’. This effectively puts the client in charge of their work so that they receive what they require at the given moment. This can be done face to face, across a room or distantly: distance is no object as energy follows thought. Animals, plants and place may also be so treated.


There is no need to receive physical touch to appreciate the benefits of a treatment.  Often a single treatment brings great benefit.

How is it done then?

Taking a basic history, we then discuss what sort of therapies may suit.  An initial treatment requires at least an hour and a half of our time.  You should then allow an hour per treatment thereafter to yourself, preferably avoiding alcohol or other artificial stimulants or sedatives.  ANY such work demands self-respect in terms of taking a little time after the treatment to integrate the work and rest if appropriate.

During treatments, clients remain fully clothed at all times and may be treated sitting, lying or standing, according to comfort and preference.  Distant treatment means clients may remain in their usual environment.  This is especially helpful for animals but also of benefit to the nervous or the frail.  Clients often speak of having greater energy levels after treatments but should still allow a quiet hour or two immediately afterwards.

Very old or very tenacious problems may be addressed, just remember that if a problem has become a fixed part of your life, so it may take more effort and some time to change the patterns to shift the paradigm.
INEH – The International Network of Esoteric Healers. This is the UK organisation for Esoteric Healing.
This is the US organisation for Esoteric Healing.
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