Scottish International Storytelling festival comes to Tamfest

traditional craic from Armagh and Ayrshire stories for Tamfest […]

Parklife at Belleisle, Ayr

Fun free family day in this lovely Ayr park […]

Gathering of Elders, Greenland

The elders are calling. Gather at the Big Ice, witness the shifts, take responsibility. Now is the time to act. […]

Easter eggs-travaganza in Auchinleck

Live storytelling with Rosie, then an outdoor egg hunt in the new community gardens, then crafts and treats back in the library. […]

Stories for Earth Hour at Belleisle Park

Enjoy traditional and nature stories with Rosie in Belleisle Park. Suitable for all ages […]

Blether and craft- dementia friendly afternoon

an afternoon of gentle chat, shared stories, the occasional song or verse and a hands on activity […]

Heroines and heroes

Buckle your swashes, gird your loins, here be valiant tales! […]


On the first day, when the world was new, the stars glittered and smiled.

The maker looked and said ‘the stars are beautiful

but the world needs more light’.


So he sent his winged star messenger down to Earth.


He winged star-beast roared a mighty, thunderous roar of brightness

And he breathed his […]

Burns Night reds and blues

burns cottage ayrshire

The Aga and myself have spent most of our lives in a land called Ayrshire or Land o’ Burns. This, title, I am told, is not so much because of all the scorch marks made on neglected washing left on Agas, nor roast potatoes left for 3 days too long to wails from Mum when […]

Staff of life, story-bikes and Andy

Mum was a bit sad this week. It seems humans worry about all sorts of things they can’t change including other human’s health. Instead of calling the vet she chewed her nails and typed on her word machine, face booking, as she calls it. The face she was worried about is indeed a very attractive […]