On acts of love

red roses

love flourishes in the harshest spaces

Its hard to get out of the rut that politics and national emotions polarise.Yet some things matter more: the smile of a child, the purr of a companion cat, the sweet scent of mock orange blossom mingling with roses. The taste of this year’s first raspberries is not devalued by a bank or investor. New laid eggs are just as rich and wholesome. A house is worth the value of one house in its shelter, convenience and ability to open doors to neighbours and friends. Looking through my journal i came across the notes for the following poem:

An act of love

 Through dimmed channels

 love moves on

cutting loose

restricted perception

giving when the body

is exhausted and drooping

cold and weak, focussed


on the need of the other

So, we love a child in endless gift

So, we prop another, so they won’t fail

So, we open our lives

to receive the kiss

the kiss of possibility

the drift of hope

the blessing

of optimism

in a darkened room

It has to be done

but need not be seen

Selfless, without flesh

ever fresh, ever warm

our love.